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Hey, I'm Nansi and I am originally from London, England.

I began LDN Training in 2017 to get out of the corporate gym world and haven't looked back since.


When I became a mother in 2020 I made it a personal mission to prove that it is possible to be stronger than ever after having a child in my quest to regain ownership of my body. 


Having spent the last 12 years in the fitness industry, seeing fads come and go and having had the opportunity to work with multiple populations with a plethora of goals and needs, I have been able to condense my training style to really get to the fundamentals of training. My fitness programming reflects only what works to quite literally 'cut out the fat' with regards to exercise selection despite everything you might see on social media - we lift barbells, we perform good old fashioned push ups, we utilize the rowing machine...


My training style takes a progressive approach - starting from the barebone basics and the programming builds based upon individual experience, technique and goal. Great functionality, being able to perform an exercise with superior form and improving resting heart rate are some of immediate take aways from training with me.  


NASM Certified Personal Trainer 

NASM Corrective Exercise

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

NASM Intergrated Resistance

NASM Golf Specialist

Running Mechanics Professional Level 1 Foundations

Annette Lang Pre & Post Natal

Annete Lang Stretch Specialist 

Precision Nutrition LV1

CPR & AED Certified 

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