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Nansi is an incredibly smart, attuned, knowledgeable and delightful trainer. She has been training me for over a year now, and I have felt a huge transformation! My muscle tone and strength have both increased tremendously, and my injuries have gone down significantly as well. I started working with her when I was having back spasms, and after working together on core work and back support I noticed a huge improvement in the number, intensity and duration of incidents as well as a much quicker recovery time.  Everyone in my family has noticed my "peaches" have gotten a better shape and tone, and my arms are much more sculpted. I really enjoy our time training together and look forward to our sessions every week! She makes working out fun even when it's hard, she pushes me and challenges me but never past my comfort level, and she always checks in on me after our workouts to ensure that I'm feeling good. I truly cannot recommend Nansi more highly! She's simply a gem!

- Laurie Davis

I love my training class with Nansi, it is challenging, fun, and she provides plenty of individualized attention and guidance. I just wish that I had found her sooner, taking classes with Nansi is the best thing I've done for myself in many years.

- Rebecca Kim

"Nansi is an exceptional trainer. At 41, I've been an athlete my entire life, and I sought her help with two bulging discs in my back, a bad ankle, and recovering from rotator cuff surgery. At the outset, we outlined my goals, and she curated a plan and workout schedule specific to my needs. Most importantly, she ensured that we accomplished these goals while being mindful of my injuries. By the second week, I left our sessions feeling stronger, more confident about myself, and well on my way to healing all of the injuries. I don't feel the same if I miss a session." 

- Nick Hector

I did not know how strong I was until I started training with Nansi. Her class is incredible - I always leave sweaty and happy. She pushes my limits in a healthy, structured way and the strength she pulls out of me in class spills into other parts of my life. 

- Maureen Towey

I started working out with Nansi after having my baby and I have seen a tremendous improvement in my core strength and overall fitness. Nansi provides 1 on 1 attention to improve your form and modify according to your needs. Her space is clean and spacious so you don't feel cramped while working out. She is also flexible in class timings and offers opportunities for more training. I would highly recommend her if you would like to get fit and improve your overall health.

- Priyanka Kamath

Nansi, I am beyond grateful for what you do. Its only been two months of working with you but the results so far are phenomenal. You are so wise when it comes to fitness and I feel like I am one of the lucky ones that gets to say, I work Nansi - Thank you so very much! I know you probably have so many more clients but you've never once made me feel like a number. I look forward to continuing my journey with you!

- Juan Oropeza

I have been working with Nansi for over a month and I can tell you there is a big difference in how I feel and my body changes.  I have had multiple surgeries on my back and neck.  I was always afraid to exercise.  I had a constant nagging pain in my back that never went away no matter what I did.  Since working with Nansi I no longer have the back pain and my whole body has changed for the better. My back and neck are stronger and I actually have ab muscles and strength.  I would recommend anyone who has injuries to try training with Nansi I am 100 percent glad that I did. 
Thank you Nansi. 

- Liz Hyland

I've been training with Nansi Davies for years and she has totally changed my life for the better.  

For decades, I injured myself in long distance running on pavement, in gym classes, using fitness apps and unsupervised exercises with bad form -- basically spending loads of unproductive time working out with varied results.  All of my injuries really limited what exercises and cardio I could do.  

Working with Nansi made me realize that nothing can match the effectiveness of an experienced trainer who corrects your form to prevent injuries and maximize the effectiveness of your workout time!  

Nansi is a extremely kind, attentive, positive and knowledgeable trainer that works with your fitness level and any existing injuries.  The effect our training has had with me physically and mentally has been really phenomenal.  It's so motivating to work with her and see results - I've lost over 13 pounds and a dress size working with her.  Not to mention the fact that she is a really fun British woman who always manages to make me laugh every time I see her!  It feels like I'm hanging out with one of my girlfriends when we have our sessions.  Personal training also gives you no room for excuses - and makes it easy for busy folks like me to stick to a good workout regime.

In the past, I spent loads of time, money and frustration in physical therapy for various injuries (lower back, knees, wrists), but since I've been training with Nansi, I've not been to the physical therapist in over a year!  For me, the savings in physical therapy costs pretty much covers the cost of training with Nansi three times a week.  

Her style is to listen to you and work within your limits, and to correct your exercises but not to the point where you feel intimidated or bullied. This was a key factor for me in finding a trainer - I wanted to feel positive and motivated by a trainer, because I don't really respond to boot camp style screaming or bullying to push me to the point where I injure myself again.

I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to train with Nansi - she really is a diamond in the rough when it comes to trainers in the city!

- Jane Koh

When I first started out, my knowledge and level of fitness was a zero. I had spent the first three decades of my life being morbidly obese and had resigned myself to a life that was completely devoid of physical activity. But I took a leap, and started what was supposed to be a one month trial.

Starting out, I was one hundred pounds heavier. I couldn't run very fast or far without an injury that would last for days, my posture was poor due to all of the extra weight it was carrying, and I was in chronic pain. But after that first month I decided to pursue it further, because not only did I see incredible progress in that short amount of time, but she had this belief in me that I could completely change my life around. I knew that if someone was going to help me change my life, this person would be the one to help guide me.

I am now in my fifth year of working with Nansi, and the progress I see in myself has been nothing short of unbelievable. I am one hundred pounds lighter; I can run for miles now, continuously, without injury; my posture has improved significantly; and I am no longer in chronic pain. Over the years, she has shown incredible knowledge in her field and puts so much effort into her clients. She is always willing to answer any questions I may have, does research in her own time when need be, and is always a source of positivity in my workouts, even on days when I'm not performing my best. I can easily say that Nansi is someone who loves her job, but more importantly is incredibly passionate about what she does and that the people that she works with.

- Corey Hyland

I have been training with Nansi for the past few months and have been really impressed with her knowledge and training methods. Nansi is an amazing trainer who really listens to your goals and concerns and designs workouts that are both challenging and attainable. Over the past few months there have been countless times where I thought Nansi was crazy for getting such heavy weights or modeling such a hard exercise, but every time, I was surprised to find I was able to do it. Nansi creates different circuits for every session, so you never get bored or too comfortable with the exercises. Nansi also takes the time to explain what each exercise is targeting and how it is going to help you get stronger. Nansi is always positive and supportive, constantly pointing out small improvements that I myself hadn’t even noticed.  She also points out when you’re repeating an exercise but doing better or with a heavier weight so it is easy to see your progress.  One of the most amazing things about Nansi, that really sets her apart, is that the training doesn’t end when the session is over. Nansi is always available to answer questions, write out workouts for you to do on your own and check in with from time to time, just to see how things are going. Overall, I could not recommend Nansi enough to anyone looking for personal training and guidance in the gym. Not only does she guide you through killer workouts, she really helps you get comfortable in the gym and learn different exercises so you can be more confident and make greater progress.

- Patricia O'Sullivan

Nansi is simply the best! I've been training with her for years now and this is the best shape I've been in forever. Before Nansi, I had shoulder, knee and glute pain. She corrected all my imbalances and makes me feel like I'm always improving with each new routine. She absolutely rocks!

- Antonio Fragoso

I couldn't have asked for a more personalized training program. Nansi is due diligent and thorough in all that she prescribes. Even working remotely with her felt like I had her in the room with me, her tweaking and making sure I was doing things correctly. After years of copy and paste trainers, its been a breath of fresh air working with Nansi and im finally feeling a genuine difference.

- Natalie K Bone

Nansi's has been so amazing for my fitness journey! Nansi truly invests her time and energy into her clients, always pushing me to the next level while understanding my preferences and my limitations to help me reach my goals. Her enthusiasm, positivity and encouragement are so motivating! I trained with her for years and highly recommend her to anyone looking to kickstart their training journey!

- Neha Jeddy

Nansi is an exceptional personal trainer.  She works flexibly to accommodate my busy schedule and to keep me in shape for the demands of my job and life.  She brings energy to each session, armed with a fresh set of exercises she has specifically planned to address areas that I’d like to focus on and ones that she thinks I need to work on.  She adapts to whatever training environment works for her client to deliver an intense and injury-free workout.  Nansi’s unique combination of knowledge, ability and a sense of humor has kept me training with her for years.  I highly recommend her for one-on-one or small group training, at home or at the gym.

- Valerie Szczepanik

I've been working with Nansi over the past three years. We've been focusing on strength training and functional improvements. I've previously trained with a lot of fitness professionals: yoga instructors, independent personal trainers, and high tier trainers at boutique fitness clubs. Nansi is the most attentive, meticulous, and knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with. From knowing exactly how to best demonstrate form and make on-the-spot adjustments for someone who's a visual learner, to lucidly explaining the mechanics and anatomical goals for a specific exercise and the larger long term program direction, I always feel that I am in good hands and trust Nansi. I can openly approach any questions about the program, and Nansi consistently seeks feedback about what works and what doesn't. I have witnessed a substantial transformation in my body (as have those around me), my mobility, and my confidence, like never before. Nansi is always supportive and knows how to encourage and motivate through that last repetition or a low energy week. I feel very lucky to have found Nansi and train with her.

- Vitaly Nikolaev

Nansi “Nightmare” Davies is the most creative, thoughtful and encouraging trainer I know. I don’t think I would stick to working out (Two years and counting) if she didn’t customize the routines according to my own interests and needs. Not that she makes it a breeze—Nansi is a tough taskmaster, able to get commitment and extra effort from her clients thanks to a winning combination of humor, adaptability and discipline. You’ll feel healthier, and have a good time working out.

- Isabel Roxas

"I sit a desk all day and now all I can think about is working out! Thank you for giving me the motivation and all the tools to keep going forward. I am so grateful to have met you."

- Pam Deureaux

Nansi is a true professional who is not only incredibly knowledgeable about things such as, how to combat the damage a desk job does to your body but also handles her (sometimes ornery) clients with grace and encouragement.

- Jennie Barrese

I've trained with Nansi for over four years. During that time she has pushed me when I needed it, and helped me when I needed it. And as corny as it sounds, along the way we became great friends. If you're looking for someone to be engaged in your workout, and get every last bit of effort and sweat out of you, then Nansi is your trainer.

- Mike Heffron

I've been seeing Nansi for almost 8 years, I look forward to training with her twice a week . Nansi is very motivating and has helped me go from being afraid of the treadmill to jogging a 5k!

- Jessica Stevens

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